I love the crinkly feel of newspapers, magazine and books in my hands, but I also believe the most vital format for journalism is digital. My top professional interests draw from both journalism and library and information science, focusing on how people seek, find and share information in an online world.

I’m particularly interested in the following topics:

Search. How people look for news; the use of keywords in text and headlines; Google rank and algorithmic results; web analytics and viral news.

Social media. How people share news; sharing news on Facebook; using Twitter to cover live events (especially political debates); reaching communities of practice as both sources and audience.

Structured data. How content management systems shape news; categorizing the elements of a news story for more in-depth analysis; using databases for both news gathering and presentation; the creation of news taxonomies.

Mobile design and apps. How news sites work on both desktop and smartphones;  unique presentations for tablets; using apps for a different reader experience; how mobile users share news.

Most of my energy on these topics goes into the day-to-day running of PolitiFact, where I direct strategy for our social channels on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We also launched a responsive redesign for PolitiFact in September 2014; you can read about that project here.

Have ideas on these topics or want to chat about them? Feel free to contact me using the form below.

Last updated Oct. 26, 2014